Why is it worth being interested in our offer?

Returning to nature is the most desirable thing today. The times when everything that surrounded us was artificial and fragile begins to fade into oblivion.

The Sikorka.net online store is a place that was created out of passion for what is beautiful and natural. Detailed design and taking care of every detail is visible in every product available in our offer. The accessories that you can find here are made of high-quality material – beech plywood. In addition, all decorations are protected with ecological linseed oil, which does not cause any adverse allergic reactions.

Our priority and mission is to provide products that will satisfy even the most sophisticated requirements of our customers.

We produce and sell wooden maps of the World, Europe and Poland. These are categories that we place special emphasis on. We also offer maps of various countries and cities. They are complemented by all wooden map accessories, which are especially useful when assembling our products. Here you will also find decorations for the kitchen, which will certainly diversify kitchen accessories.

Our offer is addressed to everyone who loves to enjoy long journeys, as well as to those who prepare for them. Wooden maps are also an ideal educational solution for children who are just starting to discover the beautiful geographical world. They can be used as a decoration for the living room or bedroom or as an educational addition for the youngest.

All our products are of the highest quality, and our many years of knowledge in the field of interior design combined with technological knowledge make the production possibilities of wooden maps almost unlimited.

There is no lack of professionalism in the Sikorka.net online store. We provide high quality customer service at every stage of sales.

Our love for wooden maps was born out of a passion for traveling, which we want to share with you.

Why is it worth being interested in our offer?

We make every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We care about customer satisfaction.

We have knowledge of both interior design, design and technological knowledge. By combining it all into one, we have unlimited possibilities of producing decorations for your homes and offices.

Professional customer service. We inform about every step of our client’s production process.

We carry out all our works with passion and with great care and attention to quality.