Why do you want to be interested in our offer?

Our company Sikorka.net is a totally awesome land of decorations , decorated with decorations, decorations for your homes or offices. In our studio there are extraordinary projects that will go to every heart.

The main product of our company is a wooden map of the world found in different sizes, thicknesses, color variations, with or without the engraver of the names of the countries. In addition to the wooden maps we make various products, ranging from decoration to the child’s room, living room, kitchen, ending with the decoration of offices or institutions. We always strive to make our product unique and unconventional.

Why do you want to be interested in our offer?


We make a lot of effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We care about customer satisfaction.


We have knowledge of both interior design, design and technological knowledge. Combining all of this in one makes it limitless possibilities to produce decorations for your homes and offices.


Professional customer service. We inform every step of our customer’s production process.


All our work is realized with passion and with extraordinary care and attention to quality.